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Reflection, rest & space

Get away from it all?

Load up and deepen

Leadership in this day and age demands a tremendous amount from you. Whether you are a DGA, CEO, (senior) manager or (senior) professional. Your agenda is overloaded and you have to constantly switch between your strategic responsibilities and practical problem solving. Moreover, in recent years the demand for personal leadership has increased enormously. Just giving structure and direction is no longer enough, you also have to personally commit to goals and especially to people. The challenges you face put a strain on your flexibility, private work balance and energy management.

Personal Retreat

Rest & Space

Experience peace and quiet in a beautiful location in the hills of Mallorca.


The ideal environment for a reflection on your personal leadership style, your patterns and your own energy management.

Inspiration & new tools

A (re)treat, 5 days of a new look at yourself with professional coaches and inspiring people with the same background, with whom you will share your experiences and insights and get new, practical tools for now and in the future


Creation of your new personal compass, time for reflection on your own functioning and the course of your own company/organization

Embrace Yourself

The program


Before the trip we will have an intake meeting in the Netherlands with your personal Awareness in Business coach. During this intake we get to know each other and formulate your learning goals together.

Custom parts
  • Mind-Body Balance
  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Leadership
  • Recalibrating your goals (purpose)
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Energy Management & Physical Fitness


And what else we do

Using these program components, you will work, in pairs, groups or individually, on
the learning goals you have determined in advance. Each day the different elements are addressed at
. The daily program changes with healthy and delicious cuisine,
yoga class, massage, resting moments and activities such as hiking in the beautiful nature of Mallorca activities such as diving, sea canoeing and sailing.

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  • breakfast, lunch, dinners and drinks
  • activities such as sailing, diving and sea canoeing
  • massage & yoga
  • individual and group coaching by executive coaches
  • air travel & transfer costs

Join us in your quest

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