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Ella's Table Talks on Spotify & youtube
Season 1

Podcast on many aspects of Personal and Business growth in the turbulent times and complex world we live in. Ella always welcomes a new interesting and inspiring guest to her kitchen table to engage in dialogue on topics such as: Team Development, Leadership, Sustainability, Efficient Operations and Awareness.

S1E6: Pieter Schoe on Team Development and Pure Necessity for a Healthy & Vital Team in a Tight Labor Market

Ella Taal in conversation with Pieter Schoe - Founder of Team4Teams - Team coach, organizational consultant and entrepreneur. Developer of 'Scale of cooperation' a roadmap for team development Pieter Schoe was a farmer, grew tulips, worked with young people who committed serious crimes, then became a lifelong fascination with the road to good cooperation and its meaning for you as a person, the company and the sustainability of the world. Started his own company Team4Teams, which supports collaboration in and between teams, horizontally and vertically. Created a Roadmap for Team Development: 'The Scale of Collaboration'.

This episode includes: Survival - Evasion - Collaboration. Working with criminal youth, his passion and fascination for actual Collaboration and all the conditions needed to make that possible, the development of his own Roadmap ' The Scale of Collaboration'.

Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!

S1E5: Siets Bakker on Better Insight by Asking 'Rake Questions'

Ella Taal in conversation with Siets Bakker - entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and organizational consultant. She calls herself a true "organization nerd

Siets Bakker is fascinated especially by the dynamics that take place between individuals, teams and organizations. Especially the unspoken or unconscious feelings and motives that guide our perception and actions. Besides being a speaker and coach, she is also the author of several books on systemic work aimed at both individuals and organizations.

This episode includes: the effect of asking "Rake Questions," the analytical and systemic brain, Standstill vs movement; why standing still costs more energy than moving.

Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!

S1E4: Maurits Groen on a Sustainable World, the Nitrogen Crisis, and Other Initiatives

Ella Taal in conversation with: Maurits Groen - serial entrepeneur, investor, writer, speaker, inspired green entrepreneur, CEO.

Current Position(s): (Co)Founder:, Wholy Greens , Kipster, Wakawaka

In this 4th episode: including: from rag farmer to egg farmer, Personal motivation, The Nitrogen Crisis: "we just need more farmers paying attention to the environment". And further; the Kipster and CaringFarmers initiative, DutchDryer, Drawdown Top 100 climate solutions and much more....

Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!


S1E3: Margot Cooijmans on Pioneering and Curiosity as a Driving Force

Ella Taal in conversation with: Margot Cooijmans: Lawyer, writer, entrepreneur at heart, CEO.

Current position: Director at Philips Foundation Impact Investments BV and Philips Foundation

In this first part of the 2-part series: on Pioneering, Being Curious, the Value of Being Seen, Sustainable Real Estate, but also Leadership focused on Sustainable Results. Working at the intersection of Business, Technology and Society.

Click here if you prefer to see images with the audio as well! YouTube Video Episode #3

S1E2: Arthur Hol on Man over System, the Courage Level and Psychological Security

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Conscious contracting | Appreciative inquiry | Amy Edmondson | Frederick Laloux | LinkedIn Arthur Hol | Philosophy, publications & more at

This time our guest is Arthur Hol, Lawyer and Occupational and Organizational Psychologist. Arthur has worked as an HR manager and organizational consultant for Shell, KLM and KPMG, among others, and is active as a "lawyer plus" program director at Governance University and as an educator with his own company HRM College.  

Arthur works from the motto 'man above system', on the guidance towards new leadership and new forms of organizing. Especially around the question of how the world of rules and regulations affect management, supervision and co-determination, labour law and HRM. Topics he regularly speaks about at conferences and symposia. 

His vision of leadership and the contemporary role of management and HR. The importance of 'crucial conversations' Practical tips for each of the three 'degrees of courage' for 'grasping' the new leadership paradigm How to use a 'Talking Stick' as an (ancient) instrument to connect people and organizations in organization-wide dialogues, in addition to dialogue software.

Have fun listening!

S1E1: Thijs Linthorst on Challenges of the DGA

In this episode guest; Thijs Linthorst, founder and managing partner of StratScan. He has over 25 years of experience in strategy development and implementation at large corporates and SMEs.

"Every DGA should set aside at least 2 days a month to work on his business instead of in his business."

In episode 1, the following topics, among others, are covered:

The challenges of the DGA in general in the different phases of his or her company. The importance of a supported and solid strategy for your company and what does it deliver? How to include your people as the most important "capital" of your company when implementing the strategy. Working on the business vs. working in the business; in other words, regularly working on the right course instead of always being busy with daily business.

Interesting links:

StratScan | LinkedIn Thijs Linthorst

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