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Partners of Awareness in Business

Ella Taal

Founder | Executive Team Coach & Trainer | Podcast creator 'Ella's Table Talks'

In 2011 Awareness in Business was founded by Ella, born after a management buy-out at her previous organizational consulting firm Second Nature, management consultants. For over 25 years she has experience as a coach, trainer and organizational consultant for various clients both domestically and internationally. 

She is a sparring partner for DGAs, Directors and Management Teams when it comes to optimizing business operations, seen from the human factor. She has a passion for improving (personal) leadership, internal communication and cooperation between teams and within teams to create more job satisfaction and job happiness. Finally, her goal is to create employee happiness and optimally utilize talents within the organization to contribute to a higher purpose of the organization.

In addition, Ella creates a podcast on Spotify and Youtube, Ella's Table Talks. In this podcast, she engages with interesting guests on current topics in the turbulent times and complex world we live in. Each time she welcomes a new inspiring guest to her kitchen table and they talk about topics such as: Team Development, Leadership, Sustainability, Efficient Operations and Awareness.

Victor Neyndorff

Associate Partner | Founder OWONDER | Transformational Coach

Victor is one of the partners of Awareness in Business and works with Ella for several clients. Victor is founder of OWONDER - Transformational Consulting. As an executive coach with a unique, personal approach, Victor helps leaders, teams and organizations transform. He combines his coaching style with extensive experience as a professional, manager and director gained in a mosaic of multinational and entrepreneurial organizations. 

Victor's experience, gained at multinationals such as Procter & Gamble, Heinz Kraft, TBWA, Hallmark, Heineken, and Google, forms the basis for his transformational leadership coaching. By looking beyond existing paradigms, Victor creates possibilities for action and clients discover new opportunities despite unchanged circumstances. In a short period of time, they experience significant changes in their mindset, communication and daily behavior. This highly people-centered approach, based on an ontological, phenomenological approach, is ideal for executives seeking profound change, whether for short breakthrough initiatives or transforming team or organizational culture.

Pieter van Hengel

Associate Partner | Founder Hooked! Interim Solutions | Coach

Pieter is one of the partners of Awareness in Business and works with Ella for several clients. Pieter focuses on guiding leaders to find connection with clients and employees. As a Coach consultant, he helps leaders create strategic clarity, create the right environment for success as well as elicit engagement from employees to continuously take small improvement steps along the journey.

Through strategic team interventions like OGSM workshops and use of Operational Excellence tools like Hoshi Kanri, Pieter works with executive teams to create the clarity that organizations need to set a clear short- and long-term course. No strategic tomes but practical interventions to bring leaders to clear choices and clear goals. 

With extensive experience in operational excellence programs, Pieter can also guide a team in creating an environment where employees are involved in continuous performance improvement. An environment where results and employees always enjoy full attention. An environment where sustainable good habits and behaviors emerge.

Pieter has extensive experience as a strategic consultant, senior business coach and director and entrepreneur. At home in corporate and SME, comfortable in the workplace and boardroom. Direct, committed and persistent in realizing value for the client.

Pieter Maas Geesteranus

Associate Partner | Founder PMG Team Action | Psychologist | Senior Team and Organizational Coach

Pieter is one of the partners of Awareness in Business and works with Ella for several clients. Pieter is the founder of PMG Team Action, specializing in systems coaching and LEAN team coaching. He ensures that trust can start to grow in every team by activating team members to connect with each other, address each other, give feed back and secure agreements. Telling the unsayable to each other anyway and staying at a distance from each other.

From systems thinking, he focuses on the connections between people in a team. What are those interpersonal working relationships like, and how are they influenced by the other team members? Is there a common goal, and how do the working relationships contribute or not to the desired results? As an experienced Lean and Agile team coach, Pieter asks probing questions in a human way; are we doing the right things, in the most effective way possible? From previous positions as line manager and project manager, Pieter knows what is going on in companies. As team coach he is active in medical environment, education, technical business, government.

Building blocks for social safety and growing trust in teams are group discussions, and experiential learning assignments. With the latter, teams work together in a relaxed atmosphere. Success experiences are interspersed with feed back rounds: what behavior is effective; what less so? Central is the link between trust and results-oriented work.

Pieter works with attention and care, knowledge and curiosity, sharpness and gentleness, enthusiasm and humor, preparation and improvisation I guide your team in any program, custom designed. From a short session to weekly training with return days. From 5 to 150 people. Outdoors and indoors.

What teams say about my approach:
"He gets us to know each other like we haven't gotten to know each other in 20 years" and "Finally a training day that immediately hands on how to get along."

Milou Scheeren

Associate Partner | Career Coach | Reintegration Coach
As a Career and Reintegration Coach, Milou works with many different target groups and requests for help. Since the questions often come down to processes that manifest themselves on a subconscious level, she is also a Systemic Coach in training. All requests for help basically come down to a desire to take a step in depth. To look at stubborn patterns and re-experience whether they still serve you and your career. 
After studying Corporate and Internal Communication, Milou knew for sure that she wanted to learn to understand people's (group) behavior and see how it works out within organizations. During her studies she did research on cultural differences in the workplace at the Australian Embassy in the Netherlands. She then gained international experience in international projects and the non-profit sector on St Maarten, Dutch Caribbean. 
As a certified DISC Practitioner, Ella and Milou help teams and individuals gain insight into particular patterns and tendencies. These can provide insights to uncover the communication behavior of teams. These insights aim to improve mutual communication and cooperation within teams, thereby making operations more efficient and in order to create more job happiness.
Milou also works as an associate partner for the Caribbean at Awareness in Business, participating as a consultant in leadership and team development projects for various clients in the Caribbean Netherlands.

Sterre Molendijk

Digital Freelancer | Junior Consultant

Sterre works as a strategist and marketing freelancer through her digital marketing & strategy company Starring. With her completed Master's degree in Digital Business and background in digital transformation and strategic consulting, she is always working to make business operations more efficient. After her internship in Curacao in a Human Resources consulting firm, she became excited to contribute to the goal of Awareness in Business.

She collaborates on projects for clients as a consultant by performing required analysis for projects, preparing workshops and developing presentations for clients, among other things. Furthermore, she uses her strategic and digital capabilities to grow Awareness in Business and contribute to the marketing and development of internalprojects.

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