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Season 3

Podcast on many aspects of Personal and Business growth in the turbulent times and complex world we live in. Ella always welcomes a new interesting and inspiring guest to her kitchen table to engage in dialogue on topics such as: Team Development, Leadership, Sustainability, Efficient Operations and Awareness.

S3E1: Sandra Bouckaert - The impact of 'Deep Democracy' in decision-making

Ella Taal in conversation with Sandra Bouckaert - Entrepreneur, author, founder of Let's Connect - Team Coach and Mediator for Education, Healthcare, Government and Knowledge Institutions. Certified Deep Democracy Instructor In this episode including: Deep Democracy, Participatory Leadership & Role-Fluidity, the importance of listening to minority voices during and after final decision making.

Sandra recently published her book "When All Voices Speak." released and we talked about the Deep Democracy method that is central to her book Deep Democracy is a contemporary easily applicable decision-making method that can be used in Teams, in Management Boards, in Boards of Directors, in Partnerships and certainly also in families and relationships. Also called a way of life! We talked about participative leadership and the need for leader role fluidity.

That you are valued as a leader to also regularly step into the role of facilitator to hear all the voices in a team.

This is to ensure that the minority vote's own wisdom is included in the majority decision.

We went on to talk about today's young generations in the workplace who would benefit greatly from this method or indeed could live and or instill this method in their organizations.

Much viewing and/or listening pleasure!

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