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Young Wise Women Retreat

Reflection, peace & space with young professionals during the Young Wise Women weekend retreat in a vacation home in the Netherlands

Weekend Retreat

Rest & Space

Experience peace and quiet in a beautiful location in a vacation home in the Netherlands together with a group of like-minded young professionals (max 10).


The ideal environment for a reflection on your personal goals, your patterns, your (meaningful) work and your own energy management with the help of a workbook and trainings.

Inspiration & new tools

A weekend (re)treat, a new view of yourself through which you will share your experiences and insights and gain new, practical tools for now and in the future as a promotion for you as a young professional in your career. 


Clarity about choices in your career and about yourself. Time for reflection on your course, your work and your own functioning. Your personal 'reset' in which you willreturn home with more energy, self-confidence and plenty of inspiration.

What others are saying

Experiences Melanie & Marina

Melanie de Reus and Marina Feyz share their experience about the Sept '23 Young Wise Women retreat

Ready to put yourself #1?

Choose now to live and work meaningfully, vitally and happily and become that amazing woman you are meant to be. Not by working harder or doing what others do, but following your own unique course and making conscious choices.

Say goodbye to your "please" behavior, constantly adjusting yourself and having to meet standards and expectations. Say goodbye to bullshit jobs, FOMO and the risk of burnout.

From now on, you may make choices that are right for you:

- that give you energy;

- Who put you in your power;

- And make you happy again!

Recharge together in a beautiful location in nature

Investment in yourself of €600 (incl. VAT)

This includes:
  • Motivation Factor test with results and workbook worth €125
  • Personal professional guidance from two coaches
  • Overnight accommodations, breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments
A different price applies for student women: 
  • Students pay a fee of €400 including VAT
  • Includes everything listed under inclusive.

Good news: if you nominate someone, you get another €50 discount!

Under the guidance of Professional Coaches

Ella Taal

In 2011, Awareness in Business was founded by Ella, born after a management buyout at her previous organizational consulting firm Second Nature.

For over 25 years she has experience as a coach, trainer and organizational consultant for various clients both at home and abroad. She has experience of conducting retreats for Management teams, DGAs and CEOs, among others.

Ella has three daughters ages 25, 23 and 20 and would like to give something back to the younger generation. Contributing to the well-being of young professionals is a passion she lives out by giving these retreats!

Wineke van Doezelaar

For over 20 years, Wineke worked as a freelance communications manager and expert with over 50 different (corporate) organizations. She saw people struggling, unhappy, keeping up appearances and burning out. Many were in survival mode. Just like Wineke. This could be done differently. She knew that for sure.

The decision in 2015 to follow her heart and organize retreats changed everything. As owner of WiensWijze, she now offers various retreats that teach professionals how to create the working life that is right for them. She also gives theatrical inspirational lectures on personal growth and work happiness.


The Program

Day 1


On Fridays, we welcome you from 3:30 p.m. onwards!

We'll start at 4 p.m. with, among other things, getting to know the other women. Then we will discuss the findings from your Motivation factor test and there will be plenty of room to ask questions.

After dinner, there will be time for a short walk or rest. You will discover who you really are and end the evening with a sharing session, moments of reflection and a relaxing breathing session for a wonderful night's sleep.

Day 2


At 8:15 a.m. we start with a yoga session or other physical activity. Then we will have a nice breakfast.

The first morning we will work on your desires; business and personal. After all, without desires there is no direction. And you will learn how to deal with doubt and how to make clear choices.
After a super healthy and tasty lunch, you will mentally and physically release your limiting beliefs and blockages that stand in the way of your desires.

There is also room this afternoon for 1-on-1 coaching, moments of reflection and rest.
After dinner, we will close the evening with a sharing session outside by the fire.

Day 3


At 8:30 a.m. we again start with a physical activity. This can be yoga, a walk in beautiful nature or energetic body work. Afterwards you will enjoy a delicious fresh breakfast.

This morning you are going to let go even more of what doesn't serve you, so that you come even more into your power. And you'll work with the Motivation factor workbook to discover your pitfalls, energy drains and energy contributors.
After a top-notch lunch, you'll be ready to start manifesting your desire in a guided session (physical, mental and emotional).

Around 4 p.m., we'll wrap up with a cool "game" that will bring you energy, confidence and focus.
So by 5 p.m., you'll be able to go home relaxed, happy, full of inspiration and with concrete tools to thrive professionally and privately.



Join us and your peers