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Culture Change

An alternative effective approach to sustainable change using the Viral Change™ method

Need a sustainable change in your organization?

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Viral Change provides an innovative framework for change. We show how a combination of the right language and frame, a small number of non-negotiable behaviors can lead to a critical engine of change.

Viral Change

A first step

As a first step, it is necessary for the organization and management to see that change is only sustainable if the change starts from within. That there is an intrinsic motivation to create a pleasant and inspiring working environment together. And that there are employees who really want to put their energy into this and see the benefit for themselves and the rest of the organization.

Bottom up - top down approach

Viral Change is the design of Leandro Herrero and as he names it: an alternative to slow, painful and unsuccessful management of change in organizations. So it is a method to get a movement going in an organization that is contagious, as it were. Which, as it were, spreads naturally like a virus without much effort.

Building support for change

The secret is in asking the most influential employees in an organization if they want to shape the change themselves. We also call them "influencers." Within a framework of core values established by management, the "influencers" are asked to translate the core values into concrete visible behaviors they would like to see within the organization. It starts with a small group (usually about 10% of the population) taking a seat in a working group and getting to work. They build themselves along, thus creating immediate support for the desired change and utilizing all the knowledge and experience of the employees. 

Sustainable change

The change is sustainable because the influencers themselves demonstrate the desired behavior. Be the change you want to see in your organization!

Want to know more about this infectious inspiring change approach? Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it.

Our approach


The intake meeting is always free of charge. Together we identify the framework and what the basis for the change will be. And also what the desired outcome will be.

Composing the working group the Change team

If the basis from which we are going to change is in place (for example, the already defined core values) then we identify together with the client which key people there are who are also intrinsically motivated. They are then asked to lead the change. The management team is involved to provide support but does not participate in the change team. Later, when the core values have been developed by the change team, the team leaders (who are often also MT members) are asked to further implement the desired behavior in the organization.

Link to already existing objectives

The Change team does not operate independently of the (marketing) strategy that the board and or management team previously established. We connect optimally to this to create a self-reinforcing effect.

What customers say about us

Rafiek Dinmohamed
Rafiek DinmohamedProject Manager, Aruba Police Department
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"I would like to share my sincere recommendation for the 'Personal Leadership and Effective Communication' course I recently took. This course has had a profound effect on my personal and professional development. The focused content, combined with engaging interactions and practical exercises, has significantly increased my understanding of leadership. The trainer Ella not only imparted valuable knowledge, but also managed to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment. What sets this course apart is the emphasis on self-reflection and practical applicability. The tools and strategies provided are directly applicable in my daily life, both professionally and personally. In short, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to strengthen their leadership skills and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and others."
Jitze Koops
Jitze KoopsDirector of EversPartners
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"We have been working with Ella for several years now, during which she has provided us with excellent support on various facets. Basically, the first issue was bringing the MT more together, where she has been coach for all of us and it has definitely paid off. In addition, she has become a permanent support in the area of general coaching, but also as a sparring partner for management and HR and, meanwhile, co-designer of our internal 'core values project', in which we want to bring about 'viral change' from within. In the various issues that have come up in the meantime, it is central that Ella immerses herself in the issue, company, preconditions but also theoretical backgrounds and thus always provides us with good advice in a pleasant way."
John Fonteijn
John FonteijnDirector Group Asset Protection Ahold
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" 'Action Learning' is an approach that allows you to take responsibility and solve problems by using your own innovative power. The trainings were very relevant and to the point to address current problems together. We listen more to each other and now work better together. In the end, the team program resulted in higher quality and saved a lot of time and money."
Willemijn Brewer
Willemijn BrouwerAccount Manager DSM
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"Ella is a dear coach thanks to three wonderful qualities: she listens without judging, is confrontational and encouraging at the same time AND combines her intuition with proven independent methods such as disc. It is a gift to have her as a mirror when developing your career.''
Raya Toubia
Raya ToubiaDirector Credly Advisors
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"Ella supported our firm a couple of years ago through a leadership training. I was part of this training and really enjoyed it, while significantly benefiting from the various learning points. This training has shifted my perception on my career, refocusing my energy to the right places to support my career aspirations while making sure I managed my family life at its best. I can definitely say that the experience of this training with Ella has significantly supported my growth over the past 2 years both personally and professionally. It was a pleasure Ella and hope to interact with you on future trainings!"
Irene op den Buijs
Irene op den BuijsFormer Senior Manager at PwC
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"Ella was one of the instructors at a personal leadership training provided by my employer. I was so impressed with her knowledge, skills as coach, trainer, and personality that I decided to ask her to continue coaching me after the training ended. Ella has mastered a great balance between providing a client with advice, insights and information and letting the client figure things out themselves. This has helped me in identifying and utilizing my strongest personal traits and determining which route to choose in my career, so I can be at my best while really enjoying my work."
Mientje Brown
Mientje BrownDirector HR Oyster Bay Beach resort
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"Ella Taal did a multi-day training session with the management team of the Oyster Bay Beach Resort. All managers had to complete an online personal communication style self-assessment. Ella did personal interviews with each manager. We then did one on one training with the management team. This training was awesome for our team building exercise. Would highly recommend this for any company wishing to empower their management team. This was simply amazing."
Toine Saris
Toine SarisOwner of Saris & Partners Brokers
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"What we have achieved, besides a lot of side benefits, is that we have become very aware of our personal needs. We have learned and experienced that these needs are non-negotiable; and along with our talents are very important for setting and achieving our personal goals. But most of all, I am very pleased with the genuine friendship that can develop between a man of 18 in 5 days. It is an experience I would not have wanted to miss. I am happy and proud to have been a participant .''
Danique Hinsenveld
Danique HinsenveldQuote & Tender Manager Health Systems Philips Benelux
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"The conversations with Ella during my coaching process were pleasant. Ella creates an open and personal atmosphere where there is no judgement. This way I was able to present to her everything I wanted. Ella gave me insights, especially by asking the right questions and through the DISC model we had the conversations. I was always able to apply the advice at the time and I still do. It is advice I can always apply at any time in any situation. I would definitely recommend her as a coach!"
Raymond Selier
Raymond SelierOwner Brabavast
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"Ella is a consummate professional who is very driven to maximize her clients' growth. Hiring her takes guts because she holds up a mirror to everyone and makes no bones about it. But always with respect and that makes her add value in a shorter period of time than others. In short, she is worth the investment, you or your company are worth the investment. Don't procrastinate, do it! 👍"