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Ella's Table Talks on Spotify & youtube
Season 2

Podcast on many aspects of Personal and Business growth in the turbulent times and complex world we live in. Ella always welcomes a new interesting and inspiring guest to her kitchen table to engage in dialogue on topics such as: Team Development, Leadership, Sustainability, Efficient Operations and Awareness.

S2E5: Ella Taal herself about her Youth, Initiative for Conscious Young Women & Taking Chances

Ella Taal, founder of Awareness in Business and proud mother of 3 self-aware daughters, in conversation with Loes Berkhout, Co-founder of

This episode includes: 

Loes thought it was time for me to take the stage myself after 10 episodes the past 2 years, in the podcast series where I've put others in the light. It became not an interview but a very nice conversation in which Loes listened me out.

She did so very pleasantly and skillfully, which created an atmosphere of openness and vulnerability. I hadn't shown myself like that before.

We talked about my path in (work) life and my early introduction to nature consciousness. Furthermore about opportunities that presented themselves and were suggested or asked which I took without thinking about it for a long time. As Loes said to me after the conversation: that so many people saw that in you and you followed it.

Furthermore, we talked about the wisdom of the younger generations namely they indicate what is really important what we can learn from these generations. We also focused on single motherhood and important facets in parenting.

Finally, we talked about the Ver-Draag-Zaam-Heid that is now so needed in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Instead of putting the energy into battle and who is right, we should enter into a dialogue to look for solutions to today's complex problems together. Carry on together.

Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!
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S2E4: Casper Jones on his Personal and Business Transformation

Ella Taal in conversation with Casper Jones - Ondrepreneur, Notary Public, Writer, Passionate Speaker and Intrinsic Motivator

Specialist in change processes for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to self-organizing and "steward-owned" organizations.

In this episode, among other things: The way of organizing his organization (notary's office), where he was on the board of directors some years ago, with the main driving force and steering mechanism: the intrinsic motivation of every employee. Doing what you like and what you are good at so that you can use your talents to the fullest. We talked further about his book "Leading with an empty head" in which he describes 7 levels of awareness of his own quest. Finally, we talked about his new mission and his focus to transform SMEs to a new way of working, to a culture where the human touch is paramount! As well as introducing 'steward ownership' as the final step in the transformation for sustainable business operations in the broadest sense.


Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!

S2E3: Jitze Koops on Viral Change, Sustainable and Viral Culture Change in the Organization

Ella Taal in conversation with Jitze Koops - Director 'consultative' engineering firm EversPartners, Entrepreneur, driven engineer who in his spare time uses his passion for cycling for good causes. 

This episode includes: the power of Viral Change, 5 pillars of change, sustainable and viral culture change in an organization, internal influencers, collaboration and creating real connection between employees. Also this podcast episode again tips for entrepreneurs.

Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!

S2E2: Jochem Uytdehaage On Boosting Your Happiness, Health and Performance

Ella Taal in conversation with Jochem Uytdehaaghe, former Top Athlete and Olympic medalist, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Founder of 'The Uytdhaaging' about his book 'Charged' and his mission to help people live a richer life.


This episode includes: Jochem's motivations, life lessons and insights described in his book published last year, "Recharged', boost your happiness, health and performance." About Energy Management; the 4 "energy batteries" essential for a healthy and balanced life. About vitality, intrinsic motivation and optimal performance. And, of course, his tips for Entrepreneurs.


Much listening and/or viewing pleasure!
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