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Team Retreat

Reflection, peace & space with your Management Team, Executive Team or Board of Directors during a customized program in a villa in Mallorca or elsewhere

Taking a break with your team?

Load up and deepen

Working together within your team requires a lot from the other person and yourself. Together with you we like to look at what you need as a team. 

How do you recharge? What gives you energy and what takes a lot of energy? What does everyone personally need? What is your common goal?

Questions answered at the Retreat especially for teams.

Team Retreat

Rest & Space

Experience peace and quiet in a beautiful location in the hills of Mallorca, together with your team.


The ideal environment for a reflection personal leadership style, your patterns and your own energy management using a workbook and training sessions.

Inspiration & new tools

A 5-day* (re)treat, a new look at yourself and your team, sharing your experiences and insights and providing new, practical tools for now and in the future as a promotion of team collaboration.


Creation of your new Personal Compass, time for contemplation and reflection on your direction, own functioning and your contribution within the team.


*Duration, location and content of the Retreat can be shaped according to the wishes and preferences of the MT

Recharging together in Villa Osa Major Mallorca

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  • breakfast, lunch, dinners and drinks
  • activities such as sailing, diving and sea canoeing
  • massage & yoga
  • individual and group coaching by executive coaches
  • air travel & transfer costs

Under the guidance of Professional Coaches

Ella Taal

In 2011, Awareness in Business was founded by Ella, born after a management buyout at her previous organizational consulting firm Second Nature.

For over 25 years she has experience as a coach, trainer and organizational consultant for various clients both at home and abroad. On several occasions she has successfully organized retreats on Mallorca and elsewhere for Management teams, DGAs and CEOs, among others.

Ella will take care of boosting your mental battery during the retreat through coaching sessions and various group training sessions. Ella's experience in teaching successful retreats have led to proven positive results for participants.

Casper Jones


What travelers say

The program


Before the trip we will have an intake meeting in The Netherlands with your personal Awareness in Business coach. During this intake we get to know each other and formulate together your personal learning goals.

Custom parts
  • Mind-Body Balance
  • Mindfulness
  • Team Links
  • Personal Leadership
  • Recalibrating your goals (purpose)
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Energy Management & Physical Fitness
And what else we do

Using these program elements, you will work, in pairs, groups or individually, on the learning objectives you have predetermined. Each day the different elements will be addressed. 

The daily changing program is provided with healthy and delicious cuisine, yoga class, massage, moments of rest and activities such as hiking in the beautiful nature of Mallorca activities such as diving, cycling, sea canoeing and sailing.*

*Everythingpossible by mutual agreement.


Join us in your quest