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Our ´efficient´ lifeOurwhole (working) life is focused on efficiency. We have arranged everything efficiently in our work environment, we park our car as close as possible to where we need to be. We arrange our homes and offices so that it takes the least amount of energy to be there.

Ancient survival mechanism
There is also an ancient biological survival principle at the root of this because we had to be economical with our energy supply back then. Nowadays our houses and offices are well heated and there is enough food availableWe have started to live a little too comfortably, and perhaps more than is good for our condition and our vitality.

This is also why we visit so many diets, gyms and yoga studios, and undertake Wim Hof's cold trick as an attempt to restore balance.
Living too comfortably and too efficiently is now at the expense of our fitness and our vitality. The Corona crisis with the many working from home has put additional pressure on this.
Less comfortable more vitalitySoless comfortable and less efficient living & working can bring us more vitality. For example, place your printer in another room, move your car a little further away from where you need to be, or take an evening walk. You can make the difference yourself and every day is an opportunity for a more vital life.
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